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About Greythorn Probus Club

The president of the Rotary Club of North Balwyn John Magor, invited interested people to a meeting on the 8th of May 2007 with the intention of forming a new Probus Club in the North Balwyn area. It was decided to establish a new combined club named the Probus Club of Greythorn, which was incorporated on the 6th of August 2007.  The 1st General meeting was held at the St. Aidan’s  Church in October 2007 under the inaugural President, the late, Peter Courtney.  

There are over 400 clubs in Victoria alone and over 4000 worldwide. The first Probus club in Australia was formed in 1976.

Probus clubs are simple in structure and free from constraints and obligations of service clubs.  Ideal for semi- retired and retired people with regular opportunities to keep their minds active, to expand their interests and to enjoy the fellowship of new friends.