Calendar – Events

Current Victorian COVID-19 restrictions have meant that we’ve been unable to gather for face-to-face meetings.  So, while our General Meetings and activity groups may not be physically meeting, wherever possible they have continued  through the use of Zoom.

Indeed, the restrictions have seen an increase in the club’s range of activities during the period:

  • When physically meeting together our Discussion Group has been somewhat restricted due to accommodation limits.  Online Discussions have meant that all our members are able to participate.
  • An Online Learning activity has been implemented, providing support for members to get more out of ‘standard’ apps such as Excel, databases and even the Operating System.
  • Friday afternoons have been turned into funday afternoons with the introduction of the FRIVOLOUS FRIDAY FRIENDLY Quiz  every second Friday.
1ScrabbleCommittee Solo   
2 General
Canasta Quiz alternate Fridays  
3Walking for EnjoymentDiscussion GroupAlt DiscussionGarden Appreciation  3rd Sunday Lunching
4Creative PursuitsInvestors Book Groups 1 & 2Quiz alternate Fridays